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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this NOT for?

If you have a writer that can put together 20+ long form blog posts per month with undetectable AI content, while also being able to manage themselves and for less than what we charge (or you want to spend the time doing it all yourself) and you aren’t looking to scale – then you have no need to look for an alternative solution. 🙂This is for people that don’t want to spend the time hiring/preparing/managing multiple writers (or doing it all themselves) and need to produce content at scale while automating more of the SEO and content marketing process. A single writer can go from writing 20 blog posts from scratch per month, to editing and optimizing 50+ blog posts in a week with Content at Scale. Work smarter. 🙂

What is the pricing?

Plans start at $250.

Quite simply, there’s no other way to get this level of quality content (internal + external links to credible sources, QA schema, SEO optimized, embedded tweets, key takeaways, table of contents, and all around high levels of accuracy and quality) – all while being better than even a well rated native speaking writer that it bypasses AI detection.

It’s highly unlikely you have seen content this good with a full writing team, let alone ALL at the click of a button! <br><br>

The time saving in creating content, let alone the fact the content is practically publish-ready out of the box, makes for a rapidly quick turnaround time. You’ll find the productivity gains to be tremendous.

Why do I need so much content?

It’s simple really, having more content allows you to rank for more keywords. You won’t just rank for keywords without having content… so if you want to scale up your website traffic, you need to scale up your content. A high-velocity content publishing schedule is the best way to do that.

How does this differ from AI writing tools?

The challenge with most AI writing tools is that it is built by developers. This is founded by someone with 15 years of content marketing experience. Typical AI writer software requires a lot of hand-holding. You need to provide a content brief or outline, research the content, go sentence by sentence to put it together (as it gets completely off-topic if you go more than that), source/design images, optimize for SEO, etc. Not to mention it also still requires the writer to have some level of understanding/expertise in a given niche.

What is expected for me?

Insert the keyword you want to rank for, let the AI do the rest. Then just finish up with some light editing and you’re good to go!
You should follow the Hubspot model and publish the content, then after a few months, see what is ranking and update the posts that are driving traffic.

Will Google know if it's AI content?

No! Our AI is so human-like, it’s the first and only solution that creates content that bypasses AI detection. ALL other AI writing tools leave traces of AI that are easily detected and put your site, or your client’s site, at risk.

What about thought leadership or tone of voice?

SEO content is created with the idea that you want to drive traffic. This is our entire goal so our content is with SEO in mind and it’s modeled after what’s already ranking. That said, you can actually use it to demonstrate expertise.
Depending on the type of content (ie, how-to posts), the AI will be more actionable. Additionally, we automatically add a CTA to your primary domain that will tie in the post as well. Soon, you will be able to add a library of product screenshots or case studies and the AI will weave these into the content where it’s contextually relevant as well!

How do you know what to write if you don’t know my industry?

Simple, our AI does it and it’s based on target keywords and pages in your industry. We see what’s ranking and use machine learning to model the content. This means AI develops the expertise needed and allows it to quickly ramp up your content across any niche.

Is the content unique?

Yep! Our content automation system will first attempt to fix it automatically, though as part of your editing process you may want to run it again through our built-in Copyscape integration. It’s rare to ever see something higher than 1 or 2% and in most cases, it is 0%!

What languages do you support?

We now support hundreds of languages! And the content is no longer just a translation, but it’s actually written natively in your chosen language.